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The Heat Installers Guide to using your stove efficiently

There are many advantages in becoming a wood burning stove owner and one gaining growing significance is that of making our homes more self-reliant. In a world that is so used to being focused on the convenient rather than cost conscious or green conscious, a wood burning stove offers to free you from the confines of high energy costs and allows you to ensure that your family will continue to benefit from heat regardless of power grid electricity supply. The Clean Air Strategy sets out the government’s plans to educate consumers and introduce measures that will make sure people who already own a stove burn cleaner fuels and therefore emit fewer pollutants. It’ll also ensure new stoves are highly efficient by 2022.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019  |  Admin
The heat is Ö!

With the warmer months approaching, wood burning stoves and high output gas fires may not be a priority for many homeowners however, the Heat Installers team continue to be busy with an increase in installations of custom electric fires. Enjoy the realistic flames without the need to use the heater with many of these stunning designs built into to stud walls for a flush fit plus custom built enclosures which also incorporate TV's and storage areas.

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Spring cleaning? Donít forget the fireplace

Having a fireplace in your home create a delightful feature that adds warmth and ambience. However, soot deposits, misted up glass and marks from general wear & tear can distract from the beauty so regular upkeep is required to keep your fireplace in tip-top condition. So we recommend cleaning your fireplace as regularly as possible. Not sure where to start? Just follow our step-by-step guide for tips to restore your fireplace to its former glory...

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Looking for a new fire, fireplace or stove? May we recommend The Heat Depot

The Heat Installers provide a professional installation service of gas fires, wood burning stoves and fireplaces throughout the North West. For those looking to use our services and have not purchased their new fire, fireplace or stove, we recommend visiting The Heat Depot in Middleton, Manchester where you will find a huge selection of beautiful designs with friendly, impartial advice provided by their expert team.

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Can you have a new stove and still be green?

Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022. SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves will meet the Ecodesign requirements and are available now. The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves. Both DEFRA and the Mayor of London are backing the installation of SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves to reduce emissions from wood burning.

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Tips for using smokeless fuel on your stove

Whether you're a seasoned stove owner or considering buying a your first stove, one of the most important things to be aware of is using the correct fuel. Multi-Fuel Stoves give you the option of burning wood or solid fuels but with a vast choice of fuels available, choosing the right fuel is vital to ensure you enjoy many years of reliable heat in your home.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019  |  Admin
Finding the right Gas Stove

Wood stoves are incredibly popular but for many homeowners with busy lifestyles, the convenience of instant on/off and flame control adjustment that gas offers is very appealing. Our gas stove blog explains the many options available for properties with or without a chimney. Whether your style is classical or contemporary, there is a huge selection of gas stoves to choose from and Heat Installers can provide a professional installation service throughout Greater Manchester.

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A beginners guide to wood burning stoves

A wood burning stove is a super addition to your home. It will create a lovely, cosy atmosphere, excellent heating performance and a provide a practical solution to reduce rising heating bills. Whatever your reasons for looking to install a wood burning stove, our blog is designed to help those new to the extensive range of stoves with informative, impartial advice.

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The importance of fitting a flue liner with a wood burning stove

Once you've found your perfect wood burning stove, it's imperative you have it fitted correctly to ensure many years of safe operation. Heat Installers only install wood burning stoves into existing chimneys with a flexible flue liner. This blog will provide information of why it's important to install a chimney liner when fitting a new stove.

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Try our bespoke Fireplace design service

Choosing the right stove or fire is only part of the process when looking at installing a new fireplace. Here at The Heat Installers we can transform your chimney with one of our bespoke chambers in a large range of exclusive natural stone, slate and brick chambers. Adding LED down-lights inside the chamber will bring the fireplace to life even when the stove is not in use and for added character, you can select a rustic oak beam to finish off the installation.

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