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Double Sided Wood Burning Stoves

Create a stylish feature within two adjoining rooms or a striking centrepiece in open-plan living areas with a double sided wood burning stove. Available in both classical and contemporary designs, double sided stove feature glass viewing windows on either side giving 360º views of the mesmerising flames and heat all around. A number of these stoves are smoke exempt so even homes in smoke controlled areas can enjoy the warmth and ambience that burning wood offers.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018  |  Admin
Create the charm of a real wood burning stove with the convenience of electric

Nothing beats the character of mesmerising, dancing flames and the warmth that a real wood burning stove offers. However, with modern lifestyles and busy schedules, burning wood may not be the right option for everyone. With this in mind, have you considered electric as an option? Electric fires and stoves have improved immensely over recent years with many electric stoves using the same steel or cast iron casings of their wood burning counterparts, they provide the charm and ambience that can be enjoyed throughout the year as they can be operated independently from the heater.

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Get your new Wood Burning Stove fitted by the Professionals!

Increasing popular, Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel stoves will add charm and character to your home. They are also an extremely efficient way to heat your home and offer superb performance. The most important factor to consider is having the appliance installed correctly to ensure safe operation. We can provide a free, no obligation quotation for fitting woodburners throughout Greater Manchester - call us today!

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