Adding a new fireplace will give your home the wow factor

It’s true that your fire is the focal point of a room.  It’s also true that the ideal frame to any fire is the perfect fireplace – getting the right combination can sometimes feel a bit daunting.  However, our experts at Manchester’s leading fireplace and stove installers are always happy to help.

What’s your style?

While you can of course have just a fire – be that gas, electric or even a stove – often it’s the fireplace that adds the finishing touch.  With so many fireplaces to choose from, it may be hard to decide where to start.

Consider your own personal interior design style.  If you have a contemporary home, a traditional fireplace may look out of place.  If you like the look of period décor – having a sleek, designer fireplace won’t work either.  It should be easy to decide one thing - contemporary or classic, so start there.

Of course, there are still hundreds of fireplaces to choose from – but it’s a beginning.  With years of experience under their belts our fireplace experts will also be able to advise on the best combination of fire and fireplace.

Add value

And having a fireplace is not just about good looks.  Property experts agree that having the right fireplace in your room will add value to your home.  It seems that most people agree with us, that a fireplace is the focal point of a room which is why so many homeowners want one.  Incredibly, people viewing a home will visualise which of their possessions will go on the fireplace – whether that’s a sentimental item or an objet d’art. If there’s no fireplace – there’s no place for it to go.

Add character

Designer Wood Burning StovesIt’s not necessary to have a chimney to have a fireplace as there are numerous fire options that work without them.  However, if you think a chimney is a must for a fireplace, then we can build a false chimney breast to show off your fireplace and to add character to a box like room.

And so, if you feel like your room is missing something – it’s probably in need of a fireplace.  Or, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your old one to something that better suits your room.  If you have a fireplace dilemma, give us as call and let us help.



Reducing heating bills by replacing old gas fires

Don’t shoot the messenger but September means summer has finished and we are now getting ready for whatever autumn/winter brings.

There are many jobs to do around the home in preparation for shorter days and colder nights and one of them will be thinking about how to make your home in Greater Manchester nice and cosy.

Save energy and money

High Efficiency Gas FiresIf you have a gas fire that is over 10 years old – chances are  most of the heat generated is actually lost through the chimney.  Older gas fires were designed for their looks rather than their efficiency but there has been so much innovation over the last few years, that replacing your old fire with a new one makes sound financial sense.

New models are able to provide a mixture of radiant heat and convected heat rather than just radiant heat.  This is another example of their energy efficiency.  However, the new gas fire can also belt out a higher heat output compared to the older models which usually only go up to 2.4kW.   And remember, gas remains the cheapest energy to use.

Good looks

And when it comes to good looks the modern gas fire is unrecognizable compared to its 1980s or even 1990s counterparts. There are so many designs to choose from – glass, chrome, stainless steel, cast iron, curved and square.  From gas fires that look like stoves to inset fires, open fronted fires, slim line fires and even wood burners – today’s modern gas fire is styled to suit every home.

The modern gas fire offers Greater Manchester homeowners more control over the heat output using touch control or remote control and so are easier to operate.  And many gas fires boast incredible effects from size and colour of flames, to LED lights and sparkling fuel beds which will make your gas fire a real feature of the room.


Today’s new gas fires have to be fitted to stricter safety regulations.  In addition, manufacturers have developed more safety features built in as technology has improved.  For example, some will halt the gas supply to your fire if for example, the pilot light goes out.


Having a new gas fire installed in your home is more affordable than you think with some of the most heat efficient gas fires available to buy from around £300.  If you think of the money they would save compared to an older model, it would probably pay for itself in three to four years.

And so, if you are thinking about winter proofing your home,  replacing your old gas fire with a new model should be top of your to do list.