Gas Fire Installation

We've been heating our homes with gas fires for well over a hundred years and, generally speaking, a gas fire remains the most fuel-efficient option for heating a room. There are three things to consider when choosing your new gas fire in Greater Manchester & Cheshire - design, heat output, and installation.


Thanks to advances in design and technology there have never been so many fire types and fire surrounds to choose from, which means there's a gas fire to suit your personality and your room. From traditional to contemporary, the incredible choice of gas fires available to Greater Manchester customers can be overwhelming, but we can help in determining which gas fire is right for you.

Gone are the days of getting on your hands and knees to turn the fire on, some of today's modern fires offer remote control options, so you can adjust the fire from the comfort of your own chair or use a slide control at the top of the gas fire that switches it on or off and adjusts the flame height.

Heat Output

The Heat Installers offer friendly, impartial advice on what is the best gas fire to suit the needs of your home in Greater Manchester. The size of your room will determine the heat output you require from your gas fire. Many new gas fires are very heat efficient which is an important consideration and our knowledgeable team will guide you on the correct heat output you should be looking at.


Once you've purchased your new gas fire, from The Heat Installers or another retailer, the safe fitting of your new appliance is paramount. All Heat Installation engineers are fully trained and Gas Safe Registered ( which means you can be sure your gas fire is safely fitted and you have the necessary paperwork that your property and home insurance requires.

Our team can install all types of gas fires including conventional flue gas fires, balanced flue gas fires, high efficiency gas fires, outset gas fires, double-sided gas fires - where two rooms can enjoy the warmth and ambience - wall-hung gas fireplaces, and gas stoves.

Rest assured we'll also carry out all necessary building work necessary to install your new gas fire including the new lintel, building work, and plastering. We can also fit the new hybrid models gas fire models which allow you to combine high efficiency and high output – no chimney necessary. We can even construct a complete new flue system in properties with no chimney or newly built extensions, conservatories, etc.

Old Gas Fires

Even if your property runs on natural gas or LPG gas The Heat Installers have the knowledge and expertise to do the job. We can even do gas runs to Greater Manchester areas where no gas is present. If you have an old gas fire that requires an air-brick in the room – we can fit a new gas fire that will be hotter and more efficient whilst being able to remove air brick – so no more draughts!

General gas fire repairs and fittings

If you live in an older property, you may find that downdrafts from the chimney come into the room – and this can usually be easily sorted by fitting a chimney cowl. We can also fit flue liners into old chimney breasts or repair the chimney itself.

If your existing gas fire is not working or not working as efficiently as it should we can repair the fire and The Heat Installers also offer annual servicing of gas fires in Manchester to maintain extended warranties.