Be sure when it comes to stone fireplaces

Stone FireplacesOver the last few years there have been incidences of children being injured when an ill fitted fireplace has fallen over.  Sadly, there have even been fatalities when the fireplace in question has been made of stone.  The message is clear – always ensure that a heavy surround such as stone or marble is fitted by a professional.

We always advise our customers in Greater Manchester who are considering buying a stone fireplace to only buy from a reputable manufacturer or retailer.  With our considerable contacts in the industry we can source a product for you - but if you do prefer to buy your own, we will confirm whether the source conforms to all the necessary standards.

A fireplace surround is made up of many different sections and individual parts can weigh 50kgs or more.  If the installation is not correct, the entire surround, but often the mantel has been known to fall off the lintel.  This can injure any person or pet standing nearby.

It is vital that the fireplace is installed correctly.  We will ensure the fixtures and fittings provided are suitable for the surface they are to be fitted to, e.g. – we would never fix a stone fireplace to a stud wall for example. We will know exactly on the number and type of fittings needed and their positions.

It is also vital that the fireplace is assembled in the correct order using the relevant bonding products which will be based on joint thickness and the type of stone involved.

We will advise on the necessary time it takes before it can be used with a lit fire and remind our Greater Manchester customers of the weight it is safe to place on the mantel.  It may sound like an obvious warning, but parents should always warn their children about trying to climb or swing on the mantel and even, hauling yourself up from a kneeling position, using the mantel is never a good idea!

A stone fireplace can look stunning – but always be sure and safe with stone by having it fitted by the Heat Installers.