Can you have a new stove and still be green?

Stove Industry AllianceIt’s great to see that so many homeowners in Greater Manchester have a genuine commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. All of us with families want to ensure that we are securing a green future for our children and there is no doubt that the debate around solid fuel heating is having an impact on the decision about what type of fire to have installed.

When it comes to purchasing a stove, we know our customers are discussing and considering issues around pollution and sustainability.  Indeed, by 2022 the EU want to ensure that all stoves reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and by 80% compared to existing stoves – these are known as Ecodesign appliances.

Heat Installers obviously have relationships with both local and national fire retailers and we are always happy to advise and recommend which appliance we think would best suit our customers’ home’ and personal requirements.

Future ready stoves

The British stove manufacturing industry has taken up the challenge to develop fabulous future ready stoves and one in particular, Stovax, has developed the Stovax Elise range.  The Elise lowers emissions to an absolute minimum making it one of the cleanest burning, carbon neutral stoves you can buy.   Stovax said the Elise doesn’t just meet the Ecodesign future requirements – in some models it actually beats them.

Stovax has been in the business for 35 years and this longevity means it has the knowledge and expertise to develop this future proof technology.

The science bit

The Elise takes efficiency, performance and control to new levels. The team at Stovax has utilized a sequence of innovative plenum chambers and powerful air jets, which means airflow is instantly adjusted and delivered with unique precision accuracy to multiple areas of the tapered firebox. This technology reduces emissions to incredible low amounts whilst maintaining high levels of thermal efficiency.

Stove Emission Reduction

Ecodesign stoves

Of course, there are several Ecodesign stoves on the market and providing you look for that logo, you can be assured that your new stove meet the necessary legislative requirements.  And don’t forget it’s not just about the stove – it’s also about the wood you burn.  Stovax say you should ideally burn wood that has been seasoned for at least two years and so you need to also make sure you only buy that carries the fuel the Woodsure logo.

So, to answer the original question, yes, thanks to innovative designs from manufacturers like Stovax, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a stove and still be green.   The best of both worlds.