Fancy a wood burner but worried about their future?

Fancy a wood burner but worried about their future?

Stovax Sheraton Wood Burning StoveAs the weather turns more autumnal here in Greater Manchester many homeowners will be thinking about replacing their old fire to update it with something more modern.  Wood burning stoves remain a popular choice, however, many of our customers are confused about the negative publicity around them and some people even believe they will be banned in the future.

That is simply not the case – so what is the real story around the future of wood burning stoves?

The confusion has arisen around the publication of the Government’s Clean Air Strategy in May. Headlines in many of the newspapers suggested, quite wrongly, that wood burners would be banned.

In fact, the new Strategy simply want to ensure that only the cleanest and therefore the most environmentally friendly stoves are sold from 2022 onwards.  Most reputable manufacturers and retailers are already way ahead of the game as the industry has been working with the government for some time.

The second important point is that as it is the fuel rather than the stove that causes pollutants, providing you use seasoned wood – look for logos such as Ready to Burn and Burnright - you will be fine.

So, if you are considering installing a new wood burning stove in your Manchester home – go right ahead.  Our one stop shop means that we can provide one of these stoves for you or, of course, you can buy you own.  Whatever you decide our experts are more than happy to advise you on the best stove for you in terms of heat output and design.

We can open up an existing chimney breast or build a custom twin wall flue system if there is no chimney to work with - and of course, all our fitters are fully qualified HETAS approved installers providing you with complete peace of mind.

So, if you really want a wood burning stove but have been put off by those misleading headlines – rest assured your stove will be burning for many, many years to come.