Finding the right Gas Stove

Fake It!

We know how much Greater Manchester loves its wood burners – the Heat Installers team fit a wood burner of one type or another week after week.  However, for those canny home owners who appreciate the look of a wood burner but don’t appreciate the love that goes into nurturing real flames – a gas stove is the next best thing.

A gas stove gives you heat and ‘flames’ at the touch of a switch – in fact as so many modern stoves are operated by remote control, you don’t even have to get out of your armchair to get that lovely wood burning ambiance.

Like all fires, your gas stove comes in numerous shapes, sizes and designs and so there are many choices – perhaps so many it can make finding the perfect stove difficult.  Let our experts give you a hand with that.

Gazco Loft Gas Stove

The right stove for your home

No Chimney – we have talked a lot about chimney types on previous blogs but in order to recognize the flue system of your property just look outside.

If you don’t have a chimney you can choose a balanced flue gas stove.  Essentially, the stove itself is sealed to ensure there are no draughts which will make your appliance inefficient.  A twin wall pipe vents to an outside wall which allows air to be drawn in while the second inner pipe ensure gases are drawn safely out of the property.

When choosing your gas stove for this type of property take into account that it will have to be fitted against an external wall.  A rear exit balanced flue kit is usually provided with the stove and some even provide an optional flue spigot to add to the realism of the stove.  The manufacturer will also advise on a minimum room size for their model to ensure air quality and safety.

Conventional flue –A conventional flue is essentially a brick or stone chimney.  You can easily see this on your roof and it will have a chimney pot or gas terminal – this is known as a class 1.

The gas stove selected for this type of property often allow you to select either a top or rear flue outlet.

The pre-fabricated flue often has a metal cowl on the roof – or even a short pot without the chimney stack – this works in the same way as a class 1 – by naturally circulating air which pulls gases up the chimney and out of the property – this is known as a class 1 and 2.  The class 2 is usually found in modern homes and you may see a raised ridge on the roof – often you may have to have a small, slimmer stove.

Often stoves will have a built-in safety feature too – this monitors the oxygen levels and if the stove detects any dangerous fumes it will automatically shut down the fire.

Chesneys Gas Stoves

Naturally, when fitting any gas appliance safety is paramount.  The Heat Installers engineers are fully trained and Gas Safety Registered.  We are happy to visit your home in Greater Manchester to advise exactly on the type of gas stove that best suits your home so that when you come to purchase you are confident in selecting the right stove.

While you should talk to us about the type of stove to buy, the design is of course, entirely your decision.  Gas stoves offer different beds – log or coal effect – different flame height, different sizes of viewing glass, high legs, short legs, white or black, rectangular or square, with a log store or without – the choices are endless.  If you do need help sourcing your new gas stove, our team can also point you in the direction of reputable local providers.

The time it takes to install your new gas stove will depend on the type of appliance - but rest assured we will talk you through the process from beginning to end. Once installed, your lovely new gas stove will be the focal point of your room – and will always look stunning even when it’s off.