The Best Media Walls in Manchester

Discover the Best Media Walls in Manchester with Heat Installers

Media Walls Manchester

Media walls are a modern design marvel that seamlessly blend entertainment and aesthetics into one cohesive unit. These custom-built structures integrate your television, electric fire, and additional features into a stylish focal point for your living space. Whether you envision a simple setup with just an electric fire and TV above, or a more complex design featuring alcoves, floating hearths, shelves, TV recesses, acoustic wood slat panels, and additional LED mood lighting, the possibilities are truly endless. The size and style of your media wall can be tailored to fit any room, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s décor and layout.

Heat Installers, based in Manchester, are the premier choice for designing and building media walls. They offer a vast array of design options, allowing you to customise your media wall to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. From sleek, minimalist designs to intricate setups with multiple components, Heat Installers can bring your vision to life. Popular brands of electric fires, such as British Fires, Charlton & Jenrick, Solus, Dimplex, BlazeBright, and Celsi, are all available at The Heat Depot showroom in Middleton, Manchester. Homeowners in the area are consistently impressed by the incredible flame effects, features, and sizes of these electric fires, making them firm favourites for media wall installations.

Endless Design Possibilities

The design possibilities for media walls are only limited by your imagination. You can opt for a simple, plain design featuring just an electric fire and TV above it. This clean and modern approach provides a sleek look that enhances any room. Alternatively, you can create a more elaborate design that includes additional features such as alcoves for decorative items, floating hearths for a contemporary touch, shelves for extra storage or display, and a TV recess to give your screen a flush, built-in appearance. Adding acoustic wood slat panels can improve the room’s acoustics and add a textured element to your media wall. Incorporating additional LED mood lighting can create various atmospheres, from a cosy, intimate setting to a vibrant entertainment space.

Popular Electric Fires for Media Walls

When it comes to choosing the perfect electric fire for your media wall, Heat Installers offer a range of top brands that are ideal for this purpose. British Fires, Charlton & Jenrick, Solus, Dimplex, BlazeBright, and Celsi are among the favourites. Each brand offers unique features and flame effects that can enhance the ambience of your room. British Fires and Charlton & Jenrick are known for their realistic flame visuals and innovative designs. Solus and Dimplex provide a wide variety of sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for any media wall. BlazeBright and Celsi are celebrated for their advanced features, including app and Alexa connectivity, which allow for easy operation and customisation.

The Build Process

The process of building a media wall with Heat Installers begins with selecting your ideal electric fire from the extensive range of leading brands at The Heat Depot. Once you’ve chosen your fire, Heat Installers will liaise with you on the design process to ensure your media wall meets all your aesthetic and functional needs. The build process is comprehensive, covering all aspects of construction and finishing.

Heat Installers offer a complete turnkey service, managing everything from the initial design to the final touches. The fire can be installed to suit your preference, whether you want a one-sided, two-sided, or three-sided view. This customisation allows you to achieve the exact look and feel you desire for your living space.

Comprehensive Installation Services

Heat Installers’ full installation service includes all necessary building and finishing work, such as plastering, electrical wiring, and any specialised finishing. They ensure that every detail is taken care of, so you can enjoy a flawless media wall that enhances your home’s style and comfort. Their expert team handles the entire process, from conceptualisation to completion, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for you.

If you’re looking to add a stunning media wall to your home in Manchester, Heat Installers are the best choice. With their extensive range of electric fires, endless design possibilities, and comprehensive turnkey service, they can create the perfect media wall that meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations. Visit The Heat Depot showroom in Middleton to see the incredible range of electric fires and start designing your dream media wall today.