The charm of a wood burning stove with the convenience of electric

Faff free stoves

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like the look and feel of a stove.  Their look evokes something that we Brits can’t resist – tradition, nostalgia, charm – it’s hard to put into words.  And then of course, those lovely dancing flames that make any home seem so welcoming and cosy.

The problem is that while some people love nurturing those real flames and adore the smell of the burning logs – for others it’s just too much faff.  If you love a stove but don’t want the faff then an electric stove offers the best of both words.

The look of a traditional stove is often captured in an electric stove.  Recently British stove design company ACR released three new electric stoves for the first time in its 30-year history.  It recognized the need for faff free stoves and has produced three classic pieces suitable for most homes.

The Malvern is the most compact in the collection.  This would work well in a small room but don’t be deceived by its size as it can still bang out up to 2kw of heat.  Like all the new stoves it boasts 2 in 1 intelligent remote controls for easy adjustment of all the stove settings.

The Astwood is the one to get for bigger rooms.  It looks like a real stove thanks to its traditional black powder coat finish, but it’s a lot lighter thanks to a lightweight steel construction.  You will love the realistic flames in all these stoves that give you the opportunity to set the flames at smouldering ember right up to a high flame setting.

Finally, the NEO 3F is recommended when you want to combine a classic stove within a modern setting.  Like its sister stoves the NEO 3F work well all year round as it also has a no heat setting so you can enjoy the ambience but not the warmth of a flame in the summer months too.   You will love the realistic ceramic logs in these stoves – no need to tell the neighbours they are not real!

If you love the idea of a stove without the faff go to for more information.