Why have electric fires and fireplaces become so popular?

Electric fires are a superb solution for the fast paced, modern lifestyle. Instantly bring any room to life at the touch of a button! No limitations on where they can be fitted as no flue or chimney is needed. A great addition to main living areas, dining rooms, extensions, conservatories and even bedrooms!

Modern electric fireplaces have totally transformed since the the 1980's. No longer are styles limited to a moulded piece of plastic with imprints of fake logs sat above a light bulb or illuminated coloured glass stones. The electric fires that Heat Installers now install across Greater Manchester include ultra-modern built in fires that get recessed into the wall and provide an ideal solution for fitting a TV above whilst concealing all cables and media boxes, electric stoves that use the same steel or cast iron casing of their wood burning counterparts plus 'drop-in' cassettes that can be used to create a totally unique centerpeice in your home combined with natural stone or marble.

Whilst the only requirement to install an electric fire is a three-prong plug socket, Heat Installers can carry out specialist building work allowing you to recess a lot of these fires for a modern, minimalist look. In many properties built after the 1970's, no chimney is included so building out a stud wall 'false chimney' in the room will add character - especially if it's painted in a different colour to the rest of the room or even tiled. Our team can also make provisions for any cables, SKY box, DVD players etc leaving you with a stunning focal point in your home.

Electric Fire with TV

The choice of flame effects offered on the latest electric fires will appeal to all. Most now benefit from low energy LED illumination with flickering flames that mimic the charm of a real fire. Some models also allow you to change the colour of the flames to suit your mood or the seasons; warm tones of red & orange during the winter then cool blue flames for the warmer months. As mentioned, with modern electric fires, you don't have to have the heater on to enjoy the flame effect allowing you to use the fire all year round.

When the temperature drops, most electric fires feature a convected fan heater with up to 2kW of heat. Whilst this may not sound a lot compared to gas fires or wood burning stoves, it will provide the heat quickly  and is normally sufficient for small rooms when the outside temperature is not too cold. When it is very cold, electric fires are ideal to take the initial chill from the room before your main source of heating kicks in.

So, if you want to add a stunning feature to any room in your home (except bathrooms), contact Heat Installers where we will be delighted to recommend some models depending on your requirements as well as designing a custom feature combining home entertainment systems, built-in alcoves, shelving etc to incorporate a stunning new electric fire. Our team fits fires, fireplaces & stoves throughout Manchester, North Cheshire, Oldham.